Ownbox is a cigarette pack holder equipped with an ashtray


Available in 19 models, new models coming, can be made in various materials


The 350 gr cardboard case allows to retrieve over 1500 cigarette butts

You read it you bought your cigarette butts 10 euros per kilo !!


You have a Trade, a bar, a restaurant , you 've probably smokers who respect your premises and smoke outside . You just need to collect cigarette butts and put them in a plastic trash that we provide. Once the bin full , send us an sms and we will recover kilo of butts packed in a plastic bag that we also provide . One rule you 10 euros a kilo ( about 4,000 cigarette butts ) . The operation and no weight limit or duration ( the volume of plastic trash will be based on your needs, 4l , 8l , 15l etc ...). A purchase of our Own- Box case is compulsory for the partnership , a minimum and imposed resell them Own- Box cases or offez them, they will make you an original advertising. reap gains by our cases allow us to pay recycling cigarette butts.

To embellish your cigarette packs

Pick your style among our 19 models :

New models will be available soon. If you've got any idea or wish, please share it with us!

We can make tailor-made models for festivals, nightclubs, cities, companies, ...

To take care of the Earth

Cigarette butts are toxic waste that contain carcinogens (benzopyrene, formaldehyde) and poisons (arsenic, lead, toluene, cadmium, nicotine). They also contain a cigarette filter made of non-biodegradable plastic (cellulose acetate). These substances and chemicals spill into water and into the soil.

Cigarette butts are the most common type of litter on Earth, in streets, lakes and oceans, with 4,500 billion cigarette butts discarded in nature every year, that is 1.7 billion pounds of plastic and harmful chemicals. When they are not retrieved, cigarette butts dropped on sidewalks move on to the street drains, and so end up in streams, rivers and oceans.

Cigarette butts pollution

cigarette butts discarded since January 1st :


since you started reading this page :


One cigarette butt can pollute up to 500 litres of water. Experiments have shown that one cigarette butt soaked in 4 litres of water kills all the water fleas within it, these small crustaceans which purify water and which are a food source for many fish. One cigarette butt per litre kills the fish themselves.

The Ownbox allows us to avoid discarding our cigarette butts in nature, thanks to its ashtray that can contain 15 cigarette butts at once, for a cleaner planet.

Easy to use

  • Insert your cigarette pack into your Ownbox

  • Slide it down to make the ashtray visible.

  • Insert your cigarette butt into the receptacle. *

  • Slide the ashtray up.

  • Close your Ownbox and take it everywhere with you.

  • Empty its ashtray regularly to keep using it.

  • * It is recommended to put out your cigarette butt before inserting it into the receptacle

    For individuals, cities, festivals, companies, ...

    Ownbox for smokers who care about the planet and want a practical fashion accessory, but also :

    For cities, festivals, ski resorts, nightclubs, bars, companies, which want to raise public awareness, make their space cleaner, and make themselves known.

    With its 200 square centimeters customizable in your image, Ownbox can indeed serve as a great advertising tool. Its quality cardboard allows to retrieve over 1500 cigarette butts, that is your message displayed 1500 times per Own Box.

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